Jumat, September 05, 2008

Lowongan di Oman

Hi, Indonesia

Greetings... ..

We really need a lot of Resources... . Please Refer Friends…..

Send as many people as you can If you have submitted Your Resume then please Refer your Friends Please………….

1.Production Operators
2.Instrument Technicians
3.Electrical Technicians
4.Mechanical Technicians

Position in Muscat Oman . Client is a very good and big company.

Interview: Jakarta , Indonesia

Date: 2 week of October, 2008. Face to Face Interviews to be held in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Make Sure you apply if you can come to Jakarta in second Week of October.


Please send your resumes on the Email ID mentioned below and please refer your friends to send resume to Nilesh@sofomation. com

Please ask your friends to send resumes to nilesh@sofomation. com

1. Need Salary info. Current Salary and Desired

2. All Jobs are rotation 62:29

3. Tickets for the interview will also be paid if short listed.

4. Please only send your resume if it is possible to be in Jakarta in Oct 1 week- 2 week.

5. Need to have 7+ yrs experience minimum.

6. Need Date of Birth. Maximum age limit is 50. Do not apply if above 50 please.

7. Need to have experience in Oil and Gas/ Refinery/ Petrochemical industeries please.

Please along with your resume also send the details mentioned below.

Current Salary:-

Expected Salary:-

Notice Period:-

Nationality: -

Contact Details:

Please help us... Send Friends ... Refer Friends...

WE got 100+ positions….

nilesh@sofomation. com

Sofomation is back.

Thanking You,

Nilesh Pandey

Sr. Officer Administration

USA- +;1-650-962-9986

India - + 91-22-67101912

+ 91 9833075520

nilesh@sofomation. com

www.sofomation. com

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